Published Works


A selection of poems (including “Afterwards”, “Luminosity”, and “Advice from a Warrior Queen”) published by Open Heart Forgery (2012 – present)

Paradise”, published in Fathom (2016/17)

“Latitude and Longitude” and “On Reflection”, published in The Octopus (2017)

Short Fiction

Running”, published online by ENGEN Books (2018) and later compiled in the the Kit Sora Artobiography (2019)

“Whispers”, published in Write Now! (summer 2013)

“Alive”, published in Write Now! (summer 2012)

Non Fiction

Two profiles: “Student Advocate Tackling Food Security and Gender Inequality Worldwide” and “FYP’s Top Student Finds Meaning in Texts Read Communally”, published in Tidings (Winter 2018/19)