Past Projects

Check out a selection of my recent editing projects:

Alice and Antius (2021, Penrose Press) by Kit Ingram and Brianna Tosswill.
Alice and Antius is a narrative poem following the lives of two lovers – a scientist and a poet – through a climate apocalypse. Survivors of a lost time, they enter a labyrinth filled with the haze of nostalgia, loss, meaning and hope.

Healthy Populations Journal (Spring & Fall 2021, Healthy Populations Institute, Dalhousie University). The Healthy Populations Journal is a multi-faculty, student led, open access, peer-reviewed journal with a mission to identify and disseminate research to improve population health and health equity globally.

Ocean’s Lure (2021, Somewhat Grumpy Press) by Tim Covell.
A contemporary romance novel set on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Conversations with the Ocean (2020, Penrose Press) by Evelyn Elgie and Brianna Tosswill. Conversations with the Ocean is a narrative poem by emerging west-coast writer Evelyn Elgie, carefully illustrated by Brianna Tosswill.

Open Heart Forgery 10th Anniversary Anthology (2020).
A collection of works by 93 poets from the Nova Scotian poetry journal Open Heart Forgery.