Editing Services

I offer copy editing and stylistic editing for a variety of projects (including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blog posts, newsletters and articles), and substantive editing for fiction and poetry. Wondering what these different types of editing involve? Here are some details below:

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Copy Editing

As your copy editor, I’ll examine every word of your text to help ensure that it’s clear, consistent, and correct. Areas of focus include spelling, grammar, punctuation, citations, and formatting. I have experience with MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

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Stylistic Editing

As your stylistic editor, I’ll be working to help improve the tone and flow of your sentences and paragraphs. My suggestions may involve simplifying language, shortening sentences, examining word choice, changing passive to active, and strengthening transitions between paragraphs.

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Substantive Editing

As your substantive editor, I’ll help you strengthen the underlying structure and organization of your work-in-progress. Writing fiction? I’ll provide suggestions around plot, character development, point of view, dialogue, and more. Writing poetry? I’ll examine word choice, structure, visual layout, pacing, opening lines, final lines and more.

*Please note: substantive editing is currently offered only for fiction (fantasy or mystery preferred) and poetry.

Costs for each project depend on the number of pages (250 words per page), the type of project (for example, a blog post vs. an academic paper), and the question of whether your text needs a light or heavy edit. If you’re working with a fixed budget, we can factor this into discussion.

Let’s talk about how I can help you make your writing polished, professional, and powerful.

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